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Yashar Ali Fires Back at Eric Bolling: Defamation Lawsuit a ‘Calculated Effort to Harass’

There is an ongoing legal battle between Fox News personlity Eric Bolling and Huffington Post contributor Yashar Ali over a report that led to the TV host’s suspension.

Last week, Ali reported that Bolling allegedly sent lewd unsolicited photos of “male genitalia” to several female colleagues years ago. Since then, Fox News sidelined Bolling and is running an internal investigation. Bolling’s lawyer said that his client “recalls no such inappropriate communications.”

Following his suspension, Bolling retaliated by suing Ali for $50 million in damages.

Now Yashar Ali is fighting back.

The Daily Beast obtained Ali’s response letter to the lawsuit with his lawyers writing, “We view your decision to sue Mr. Ali in his individual capacity, for $50 million, without also naming the Huffington Post, as a calculated effort to harass and intimidate Mr. Ali personally.”

They added, “It will not work.”

Included in the letter are screen shots of racist tirades made by Bolling’s supporters on Ali’s Facebook page (Ali is of Middle East descent).

Bolling served as host of Fox News Specialists and Cashin’ In. It is unclear if he will return.