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‘Who you click with’ matters to God

We’ve heard it said a picture is worth a thousand words. But this one? It’s worth a million:


In one picture, the entire logic of the sexual revolution falls flat on its face.

It doesn’t matter who you “click” with.

Um … call us crazy, but none of the combinations except the hetero one actually “clicks.” The male/female combo is the only one that works.

Try boarding Royal Dutch Airlines and refusing to buckle the male/female ends when the flight attendant checks the safety of your belt. See how they respond when you demand two female ends, or two male ends.

And what about turbulence? We flew to Nashville last week and hit a patch of weather so bad even the flight attendants had to buckle down. And the key to all of our safety was the “click” between the male and female ends of the belt. Without that combo, there would’ve been no protection for any of us.

We’ve said for years that God’s boundaries lead to God’s blessings, and if His boundaries are removed, the blessings are replaced with burdens.

It’s a blessing to sit on board a plane knowing you’re safely buckled in. But if you try to ignore the reality of how seat-belts are actually created to “click” together, your safety would be replaced with insecurity, which is exactly what is happening in the culture today.

The LGBTQ+ revolution has flipped the entire male/female created order upside-down, and it has produced insecurity and an unraveling in civil society like never before – not to mention the destruction of countless lives trapped in the bondage that comes with sexual sin.

These folks deserve better, because they were created by God to flourish as He designed them. The problem is the agenda is often the loudest voice in their ears, continuing to feed them lies, like telling them they can “click” with whomever they want.

The simple truth is, it just doesn’t work that way – because God didn’t create it like that.

He made humans male and female, which is the only combo that clicks sexually. To deny this is to remove one of God’s most sacred boundaries for the preservation and prosperity of the human race. And to refuse to fight against the agenda to pervert this reality is to cower in the face of evil when courage is needed most.

At the end of the day, the LGBTQ+ revolution is both illogical and insecure – it cannot protect you through the turbulence of life. So we’re actually thankful Royal Dutch Airlines gave us an awesome picture to prove this point.

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