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Jonathan Cahn’s ‘Paradigm’ likens Hillary to … Jezebel


It’s a pattern he claims can serve as a guide for the past, present and future. And it is so specific it even explains contemporary political figures such as Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is back with “The Paradigm,” his most comprehensive and shocking book yet.

He explained his extraordinary discoveries recently on “Revealing The Truth,” a Web TV program hosted by Rev. Rabbi Eric Walker.

“A paradigm is an archetype, a model, a symbol, a pattern that other things are based on,” explained Cahn. “And in the Bible, you know, Paul … writes examples for us. He uses the word tupos, from which we get the word ‘type.’ Well it also means paradigm. God puts things in the Bible; the Bible is filled with paradigms, symbols, foreshadows.

“For example, Joseph is a shadow of Messiah, Moses is a shadow of Messiah. The lamb is a shadow of Messiah. The Temple is filled with paradigms. There are prophetic paradigms. Jeremiah smashes the vessel – that’s a paradigm of Jerusalem’s destruction. So God is always using that.”

Cahn said the Bible often uses repeating patterns or templates, with the same story playing out again and again throughout the generations. For readers of his best-selling book “The Harbinger,” or for those who saw “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” the message is familiar, as Cahn has often drawn parallels between what happened to ancient Israel and what is happening today to the United States.

However, “The Paradigm” is far more wide-ranging than anything the messianic rabbi has done before.

“‘The Paradigm’ is basically this – that there is something in the Bible, something that goes back almost 3,000 years, from Israel, that turns out to be a master blueprint behind everything that is happening right now. In America and in the world,” Cahn said.

“It not only speaks out about the events of our time, but it talks about the people of our time. It gives the timing of many of these things – it gives the year many of these events have to happen, or the month, or the week, or the date. In some cases, even the hour of an event. It’s so specific.

“That’s what ‘The Paradigm’ is the revealing of – things that have been, things that are, things about where we are going. ‘The Paradigm’ is actually going to take us to right where we are now. And if we could open that up, could there be a warning in it that we need to know?”

Cahn argues contemporary America, in its apostasy and falling away from the God of the Bible, is going through the same historic experience as ancient Israel.

“Ancient Israel, of course, is a nation that knew God, turned away from God, turned to Baal, turned to other gods, starting driving God out of the public square, started calling evil good, good evil,” explained Cahn. “Sexual immorality. Started offering up their children to other gods. That’s the big picture.

“We are reliving that. We are seeing America, a nation that was founded on the Word of God, even the West, Western Civilization has this in it, and we’re seeing from the 20th century onward this departure from God,” said Cahn.

“We’re driving God out of our public squares, we’re calling evil good, we’re promoting immorality, we’re offering up our children, not thousands on the altars of Baal, but 60 million in abortion. We’re reliving that. But it goes deeper.”

The newest sensation from “America’s prophet,” Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, is here. The messianic rabbi and prophetic teacher reveals a pattern that explains world history and reveals the secret behind the events of our times. Don’t miss “The Paradigm. It makes an incredible gift! Available now at the WND Superstore.

As in ancient Israel, contemporary America has now entered a crisis period of accelerated apostasy, he said.

“There’s a particular period in Israel’s history where the apostasy accelerates, deepens, becomes a culture war,” he explained. “And you’re actually going to have people on the throne who are going to be advocating for immorality. For the first time, you’re actually going to have a king that says you must worship Baal.”

Cahn explains that in the biblical story, this is Ahab.

“He comes from a culture that knows God, he’s kind of a divided man, a compromised man, an apostate basically,” Cahn said. “Even though he knows of God, he starts endorsing different things, allies the state with Baal worship. That means the sacrifice of children, immorality, all those things. And he’s also a man who will have scandals in his kingship.”

As Cahn notes, Ahab is not alone.

“He’s got a partner with him … we know her as Jezebel,” he said. “So for the first time you have a king and queen co-ruling. When she goes to Israel to marry him, she never accepts Israel’s faith. She sees it as an obstacle. Traditional values are an obstacle. So she wars against it. She encourages Ahab to war against it. She becomes the chief advocate for child sacrifice in the land, because this is Baal worship.”

The messianic rabbi says two specific figures in American politics today fit the pattern of Ahab and Jezebel.

“We have entered a period of acceleration where this apostasy is being advocated from the highest levels of government,” he noted. “You have a culture war; we start talking about that around 1990. At the same time a man rises to power. His name is Bill Clinton. … Bill Clinton will follow the prototype of Ahab.

“He’s a man who has known about God, comes from the Bible Belt, but embraces other values. He’s a man who is divided, compromised in many ways. He will have scandals in his ‘kingship,’ in his presidency. He will be the first president in American history to ally the government with abortion. To advocate it. To advocate other things, sexual immortality. He says we are redefining these ancient ideals.”

And, of course, Bill Clinton didn’t rule alone.

“Well, for the first time in American history, you had what people called a co-presidency,” Cahn observed. “You had the first lady have an office in the West Wing, her own staff, just as Jezebel did in the palace. Again, it’s not about the motives, it’s about the type. You have Hillary Clinton. She will follow the paradigm of Jezebel. She will incite her husband to go along with it. She will become the chief champion of abortion, just as Jezebel was the chief champion of child sacrifice.”

Cahn pointed out other startling parallels. Bill Clinton’s time on the political stage from his election as governor of Arkansas to the end of his presidency was 22 years – the same time period Ahab ruled.

“Clinton follows the paradigm of Ahab down to the year,” Cahn marveled.

“The Paradigm,” with its startling perspective and extraordinary explanatory power, is already winning rave reviews. And among the most enthusiastic is WND founder Joseph Farah.

“Welcome to my world,” says Farah. “‘The Paradigm’ is like ‘The Harbinger’ meets WND. Don’t ask – see for yourself. Jonathan Cahn has out-done himself again, clearly establishing himself as ‘America’s Prophet’ for a time such as this.”

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The newest sensation from “America’s prophet,” Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, is here. The messianic rabbi and prophetic teacher reveals a pattern that explains world history and reveals the secret behind the events of our times. Don’t miss “The Paradigm.” Makes an incredible gift! Available now at the WND Superstore.

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