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‘NIGHTMARE’: Corey Lewandowski Intimidated Neighbors With Baseball Bat, Per Lawsuit

A new lawsuit accuses Corey Lewandowski, President Donald Trump’s famously thuggish former campaign manager, of intimidating and threatening his New Hampshire neighbors — even brandishing a baseball bat on his lawn.

The Daily Beast reports:

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski cut off his neighbors’ electricity, threatened to use his political clout to make the neighbors’ lives “a nightmare,” and repeatedly stood outside his home with a baseball bat in a “threatening and intimidating gesture,” those neighbors claim in a new legal filing.

Lewandowski first kicked off the legal battle, when he filed a $5 million lawsuit in July against his Glenn and Irene Schwartz, his neighbors in Windham, New Hampshire, accusing them of blocking a path to a lot he owns.

“The Schwartzes refuted Lewandowski’s claims in an Aug. 10 countersuit,” per the Daily Beast, “in which they accused Lewandowski of bullying and intimidating them in order to gain access to the lot, where he allegedly planned to build a two-story, six-car garage without their knowledge.”

The feud over Lewandowski’s lot got so bad that the notably short-tempered politico allegedly cut off electricity to the Schwartzes’ home when he parked his pickup truck in the way of a power line.

When Glenn Schwartz tried to call Lewandowski to discuss, he was met with threats:

“This is a small town,” Lewandowski allegedly yelled over the phone, threatening to “shut down all building and work and make your life a nightmare with an expensive and extended lawsuit.” Lewandowski also engaged in physical intimidation, the Schwartzes allege. “On more than one occasion Lewandowski came out of his home carrying a baseball bat while Irene Schwartz was on her property seemingly as a threatening and intimidating gesture,” their suit claims.

The Schwartzes’ claim Lewandowski’s lawsuit “is just a new intimidation tactic.”

Read the Daily Beast report here.

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