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GOP State Rep Vows to Run Over Highway-Blocking Protesters: ‘I Will Not Stop Under Any Conditions’

Following the acquittal of a white former St. Louis police officer in the shooting death of a black motorist, protests flared up in St. Louis, leading to dozens of arrests, property damage and injuries to police officers. The protests are expected to continue throughout the weekend.

Well, with news of the protests going out nationwide, one Pennsylvania state representative weighed in with his opinion. And that opinion was that if he was confronted by protesters on a highway who tried to stop his car, he’d just run them over.

As you’d imagine, especially in the wake of Charlottesville, that tweet went over like a lead balloon. However, GOP State Rep. Aaron Bernstine remained undeterred and continued to double-down on his plan to deal with street-blocking demonstrators.

Bernstine has a history of attention-grabbing behavior. After his home was vandalized last month, Bernstine answered with a message of his own as he posted a YouTube video of his practicing firearms training.

[image via screengrab]

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