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Brit Hume Seems to Believe Weinstein’s Sexual Assault Allegations, But Not Trump or Ailes’

Dear sexual assault victims: Brit Hume finally believes you.

While the prominent conservative media figure has spent the past year-and-a-half suggesting that many sexual assault allegations are lies, it seems Hume has finally found an example of such misconduct he actually believes.

The difference between now and then? Those sexual assault victims were making allegations against a Republican presidential candidate and his Fox News ally — but the accusations now are being made against Harvey Weinstein, a Democrat donor with deep pockets and massive influence.

In 2016, former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson sued the network’s now ex-chairman Roger Ailes for sexual misconduct. The lawsuit came after Carlson left the company, which she asserts was due to refusing inappropriate advances from Ailes. After an internal investigation that led to reports of dozens of allegations, Ailes was forced to resign.

But Hume didn’t seem to be buy these sexual harassment stories, particularly Carlson’s. In July 2016, he suggested the former Fox News host was a liar over Twitter. “Here’s [a] suggestion. Why didn’t [Carlson] quit & sue instead of suing only after she got fired?” Tweeted Hume.

When it came time for Ailes to step down over the sexual harassment allegations, Hume maintained strong public support for the former Fox News chairman and CEO — even calling his sexual misconduct-induced departure “heartbreaking.”

“I’m absolutely heartbroken that all this happened. I love the guy, and I love working for him,” said a mourning Hume.

According to The New York Times, he was asked to clarify these remarks — to see if he was clearly standing by Ailes in light of the assault and harassment allegations. Hume was completely undeterred: “When I said I love the guy, that’s present tense.”

It worked out well for Hume.

Two months after publicly challenging Carlson’s claims, Hume was declared lead anchor for Fox News’ 9 p.m. show On the Record — even with his powerful friend and ally gone.

Hume’s questioning of sexual misconduct victims isn’t limited to just attacking Ailes’ accusers, however.

After President Donald Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood “grab ’em by the pussy” tape was released, Hume was front and center at the GOP presidential candidate’s defense.

With the release of the hot-mic incident, numerous women came forward with various sexual misconduct allegations against the now-president — but Hume didn’t seem to believe them. “Woman who has sex on camera for [money] says Trump propositioned her. ‘This is not acceptable behavior.’ Please.” Hume defensively seethed in an October, 2016 tweet — outright implying that actresses in the adult industry cannot be sexually harassed due to their profession.

While his flacking for Trump and Ailes over their sexual misconduct reports is bad enough, Hume’s history on the issue somehow gets worse. He’s long been a very vocal and cautious voice on campus sexual assaults, claiming that the severity of these incidents are inflated to create “an almost entirely false narrative.”

Hume also asserted this “false narrative” is part of a vast conspiracy “constructed and perpetrated… largely by the American left.”

But all of Hume’s victim-challenging sentiment appears to have suddenly evaporated — at least, now that accusations against liberal influencer Weinstein are coming forward.

Since the The New York Times initially published their bombshell report on the Hollywood mogul’s misconduct, Hume has promoted multiple stories on the Weinstein allegations — but unlike with the gross claims cast on Trump and Ailes, Hume hasn’t challenged any of these women.

Interestingly enough, there is another example of Hume publicly believing sexual assault allegations — which, unsurprisingly, would be when Juanita Broaddrick came forward and accused Democrat President Bill Clinton of rape.

“I always believed… that the allegations were likely true,” said Hume last year — right as the general election between Hillary Clinton and Trump began to heat up.

It’s almost shocking to see someone so skeptical suddenly seem this receptive — and this is where Hume’s intentions seem to shine through. The truth, as I see it, is that Hume doesn’t seem to give a damn about sexual assault victims and their allegations unless believing them is positive for his career, his media allies, or his political views.

As others have noted, it’s difficult to find moral distinctions between the accusations made against Weinstein or Clinton and Trump or Ailes, other than the fact that Weinstein and Clinton are Democrats and Trump and Ailes are Republicans. And this ultimately explains exactly why Hume chose now — and with Clinton — to suddenly believe victims of sexual assault.

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