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Sean Hannity Endorses Fans Smashing Keurigs to ‘Offend Liberals’ After Company Pulls Advertising

After a convenient coffee appliance company dropped their Sean Hannity advertising, fans of the hardline Trump-supporting host reacted by smashing their Keurigs.

The Fox News viewers protested on Twitter by using the #BoycotKeurig hashtag and posting videos of themselves destroying Keurigs by throwing them off buildings or crushing them. The advertising drop — which was triggered after Hannity defended Roy Moore over his alleged relations with minors — was just one of several other companies who have opted to avoid the Fox News 9 p.m. weekday slot.

Defiant Hannity fans attempted to get back at Keurig and “offend liberals” by ripping apart their coffee appliances:

[featured image via screengrab/YouTube]

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