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Every Time Ashley Feinberg Has Said ‘Cillizza’ On Twitter

According to his bio, Chris Cillizza is “a CNN Politics Reporter and Editor-at-Large, covering national politics including the White House, Congress and every district they represent.” If you watch CNN and/or follow politics on Twitter, he is a nearly ubiquitous presence, know for his at times banal insights and predilection for horse-race journalism.

Ashley Feinberg is the former Gawker writer who, after a brief stint at Wired, is now a Senior Reporter at Huffington Post. She is a funny and often insightful writer known for breaking some big stories — but her strange obsession with the aforementioned Cillizza is starting to set off alarm bells. The latest red flag in Feinberg’s disturbing fixation with the official dispatcher of hot takes is her recent post compiling all the times Cillizza said “bigly” on Twitter.

The joke is that Cillizza thinks “bigly” is a funny word to use on Twitter and his use of the Trump-coined term demonstrates his lack of humor. But what is perhaps the more important — and more concerning — story here is Feinberg’s own obsession with Cillizza himself, evidenced by the numerous times that she had used the term “Cillizza” on Twitter.  To wit: