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Hijab-wearing Barbie — a first for Mattel — is modeled after Muslim-American Olympic medalist

Mattel has created its first hijab-wearing Barbie — and modeled it after Muslim-American Ibtihaj Muhammad, who won a bronze medal in fencing at the 2016 Olympic Games and was the first American Olympian to wear a hijab during competition.

The Barbie — dressed in a white fencing outfit and holding a sabre — was presented to Muhammad on Monday at the Glamour Women of the Year LIVE Summit in Brooklyn, New York.

The doll — part of the Barbie Shero line that recognizes boundary-breaking women who can inspire the next generation of girls — will be available for purchase in 2018.

“Through playing with Barbie, I was able to imagine and dream about who I could become,” Muhammad said. “I love that my relationship with Barbie has come full circle, and now I have my own doll wearing a hijab that the next generation of girls can use to play out their own dreams.”

Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive added that Muhammad, 31, “has challenged every stereotype — which to me is the definition of a modern American woman. … She will play a tremendous role in ensuring that girls of the future see themselves represented fully and beautifully in our culture.”

What else do we know about Muhammad?

  • She was one of Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” of 2016 and told NBC News she hoped her story would help to break down “stereotypes and misconceptions” about Muslims in America.
  • Prior to the 2016 presidential election, Muhammad called then-candidate Donald Trump’s words about immigration “very dangerous.”
  • In February, Muhammad claimed she was detained by U.S. Customs under Trump’s travel ban.
  • “I can’t tell you why it happened to me, but I know that I’m Muslim. I have an Arabic name,” she said in a PopSugar interview. “And even though I represent Team USA and I have that Olympic hardware, it doesn’t change how you look and how people perceive you.”
  • But there was one glaring omission: It later surfaced that her detention occurred in December 2016 — when Barack Obama was in the White House — yet media outlets ran with headlines that it happened because of Trump, the Washington Examiner reported.

(H/T: Truth Revolt)

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