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Fox News Analyst Who Claimed Women Lie About Harassment Steps Down as Head of Law Firm

A Fox News legal analyst has stepped down from the top of her law firm after saying that sexual harassment accusers are often liars who are just trying to make easy money.

Mercedes Colwin appeared on Sean Hannity‘s show last week to do primary analysis on Roy Moore‘s underage sexual abuse accusations. When Hannity asked Colwin about how often sexual harassment accusers lie in order to file lawsuits, she responded by saying accusers often have ulterior financial/political motivations.

“A lot of these women, it’s all about money,” Colwin said. She went on to say that genuine sexual harassment victims are “very few and far between.”

After her TV appearance, Colwin tried to backtrack in statements saying she did not intend to diminish sexual harassment. Even so, according to The American Lawyer, Colwin is no longer a managing partner of Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani.

From Gordon Rees managing partner Dion Cominos:

“The [firm] in no way endorses or agrees with any statements which could even remotely be interpreted as minimizing or trivializing the seriousness and gravity of sexual harassment or similarly predatory behaviors, and we renounce them in the strongest possible terms—in fact, contrary to what may have been inferred from what was said during the telecast. The sad reality is that the number of women who likely have not been exposed to such repugnant conduct over the course of their personal or professional lives is, unfortunately, few and far between.”

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