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Alex Jones Claims Obama is ‘Covered in Sperm’ in His Presidential Portrait

We regret to inform readers that Alex Jones — creator of leading conspiracy website Infowars and hater of Mediaite — is at it again.

This time, the notorious Pizzagate investigator is claiming the face of Barack Obama as depicted in his presidential portrait is actually “covered in sperm” as a part of the artist’s “ritual of abomination” in support of globalism.

While the conspiracy theorist accused the painter of being “obsessed with sperm,” Jones appears to be quite the semen expert himself, as he made sure to inform listeners the bit of alleged sperm in question is actually a “GMO sperm” that is “fully formed” — as opposed to other kinds of sperm viewers may be aware of.

Jones said the following on his show today, which was caught by Right Wing Watch researcher Jared Holt:

“You say, ‘But, it doesn’t make sense, it’s so degenerate.’ It’s a religion of degeneracy. It’s what globalism is. It’s what Satanism is. So there you go, President Obama covered in sperm in new national portrait, and it’s all part of the joke in your face, because they don’t want upright strength. They want to have everything be a ritual of abomination.”

As is common for many of the wild conspiracies created by right-wing media, the Infowars host took cues from cable news king Sean Hannity who posted and later deleted an article on his personal site claiming the Obama painting was sperm-covered.

Watch above, via Infowars and Right Wing Watch.

[images via screengrab]

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