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CNN’s Baldwin and Stelter Hit White House For ‘Stonewalling’ on Porter By Using Guest Speaker in Briefing

Sarah Huckabee Sanders ate a great deal of press time Tuesday by inviting Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao to talk about infrastructure and take a boatload of questions.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Brian Stelter was quick to jump on the notion that Sanders uses human shields to eat up press briefing time so that she has less time for questions.

“They sort of trod out this cabinet secretary to talk about infrastructure,” Baldwin said. “They bring out these special guests when they know chaos is a swirlin’.”

Stelter noted that the big story that the White House is currently trying to avoid is what Chief of Staff John Kelly did or did not know and when he did or did not know it about the domestic abuse allegations against former White House aide Rob Porter.

“Really the White House is stonewalling here,” Stelter said. “It’s pretty clear that’s what they’re doing because this is a story about dysfunction and about dishonesty at the White House.”

“And by the way, talking about people who are being silent, it’s not just John Kelly, it’s not just the personnel folks. It’s also Hope Hicks, who’s at the center of this story, who has not said a word about it publicly. It’s gone on a week now and I think the silence from these individuals who are so involved, that’s partly what’s keeping this going.”

Twitter was not duped by Sanders’ move, either, and skewered her for dodging the press:

Josh Schwerin and Matt Nussbaum should go get lottery tickets, because they perfectly predicted the course of events: