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Jake Tapper Goes Off on White House Over Rob Porter Scandal: We’ve Been Misled and ‘Lied To’

After the latest comments from Sarah Huckabee Sanders today on the Rob Porter scandal, CNN’s Jake Tapper went off on the White House for not being more “forthright and transparent” on this issue.

The head of the FBI appeared to contradict Huckabee Sanders today, but she pointed to the White House personnel security office when grilled by reporters.

And as Tapper said today, “Of what we do know, it seems that the White House’s explanation does not really hold up… Just since yesterday, we’ve learned more that suggests the White House has not told the American people the full truth.”

He recalled the “rosy picture” Huckabee Sanders painted yesterday, followed by the reporting that Porter spoke to reporters last week. “Whatever the motivations,” Tapper said, “make no mistake. This was the communications staff of the White House facilitating an opportunity for an accused domestic abuser to tell journalists… that his ex-wives were liars, all of it paid for by your tax dollars.”

And on top of that, he added, it also contradicts the White House’s version of events.

Tapper concluded with this:

“The White House has yet to be forthright and transparent with the American people about how this happened. The most clarity that we have gotten so far might be from President Trump himself, who has wished Porter well in his future, but has not said or written one single word of support for the victims of his alleged abuse or for survivors of domestic violence in general. Instead, we’ve been misled and we’ve been lied to, time and again, and for what? To cover up for the guy who allegedly did this?”

(Tapper finished that last sentence as the picture of Colbie Holderness with a black eye appeared on screen.)

Watch above, via CNN.

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