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John Kelly Declares Victory in Handling of Rob Porter Scandal: ‘It Was All Done Right’

The way John Kelly sees it, the Trump Administration’s handling of the Rob Porter scandal couldn’t have gone any better.

The White House chief of staff is still facing major scrutiny for defending Porter while being aware of the background report on his alleged abuse of multiple women. Kelly gave a brief interview to The Wall Street Journal on Monday, and he was asked whether the White House should’ve handled Porter’s ouster differently.

His answer: “No…It was all done right.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Raj Shah have spent the last few days doing damage control for the White House, and they insist that they weren’t aware of Porter’s record because they trusted the ongoing background check on him. Shah reportedly incurred President Trump‘s anger, however, when he recently said that the White House could’ve done a better job of handling the scandal. Vice President Mike Pence then doubled down on this line.

The Porter controversy is likely to keep looming over the White House thanks to Chris Wray‘s testimony before the senate today. The FBI director said his investigators finished their probe on Porter back in January, and he shared other details contradicting the White House’s timeline on the build-up to the scandal’s revelation.

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