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Marsha Blackburn Spox: If You Don’t Think She Can Win an Election, You’re a ‘Plain Sexist Pig’

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is currently the frontrunner for the GOP nomination in this year’s Tennessee Senate race. The seat is open as Republican incumbent Bob Corker announced last year that he won’t run for re-election. It’s been reported, however, that supporters are pushing Corker to reconsider and run again, as they’re concerned that Democrats could snag the seat.

The Blackburn campaign is none too happy with these recent developments. And spokeswoman Andrea Bozek revealed just how upset they are.

“Anyone who thinks Marsha Blackburn can’t win a general election is just a plain sexist pig,” she told the Washington Post. “She’s the best fundraiser in the country and is beating [Democratic candidate] Phil Bredesen in several polls.

She continued, “We aren’t worried about these ego-driven, tired old men. Marsha has spent her whole life fighting people who told her she wasn’t good enough, and she will do it again.”

As of now, Blackburn may not have anything to worry about regarding a Corker flip-flop. A senior adviser to Corker told a Tennessee paper on Sunday that while the GOP senator has heard from supporters encouraging him to go for another run, “at this point nothing has changed.”

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