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Rush Limbaugh: I Won’t Get ‘Trapped’ Into Talking About ‘Phony Narratives’ on Rob Porter

At the top of his radio program today, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh addressed why he wasn’t going to spend much time talking about the Rob Porter domestic abuse scandal that has roiled the White House the past week.

Mimicking critics calling him out for not covering the controversy, Limbaugh asked his audience if they thought he was going to get “ensnared” and “trapped” in “one of these phony narratives creating a bunch of stuff that didn’t happen.”

“I’m not going to get caught in that,” he declared. “And we don’t do that here folks. We do not do that — we do not get captured by conventional wisdom. We avoid it. We run from it.”

Stating he had “other bombshell stuff” to address on his show, Limbaugh claimed that the Porter scandal is just another thing Democrats and the media are using to try to get Trump “thrown out of office.” He added that the press is now admitting that issues surrounding Russian collusion hasn’t stuck and now they’re moving onto something else.

“But now they think the American people are finally going to get their arms around this scandal,” Limbaugh said. “A runaway sexual abuser in the White House being defended by people. What a crock! In terms of their analogy — analysis of this.”

After stating that he doesn’t want anyone misstating what he’s saying on the Porter scandal, Limbaugh exclaimed that his program is “not going to be bent, shaped, flaked or formed by drive-by media conventional wisdom — the soap opera script of every day.”

“There are other things out there that that’s being used to — ehh, not cover up, but deflect attention from,” Limbaugh noted.

He went on to read from a National Review article that contends that once Trump’s approval rating hits 50%, all of the attention on the Russia probe and other Trump scandals will backfire on Democrats.

Listen to the clip above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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