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Tucker Carlson: Progressives Support Dictators Because ‘They Resent Their Fathers’

At the top of his program Monday night, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson decided to do what many of his colleagues had done throughout the day — rip mainstream media outlets over their fawning coverage of Nother Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s sister. And he ended the segment by making a sweeping accusation of those on the left.

Carlson took shots at the New York Times, CNN, Reuters and the Washington Post for their positive pieces on Kim Yo Jong while curiously failing to mention similar articles from conservative outlets. After showing a clip from The View in which the hosts criticized Vice President Mike Pence for not standing for Korea at the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, Carlson then claimed this was indicative of the left.

“If you are surprised, you shouldn’t be,” he noted. “Progressives have a long and dishonorable history of supporting the world’s most repressive regimes.”

After the Fox News host went on to highlight instances of the New York Times supporting communist leaders, he went on to state the following:

“It’s hard to find a dictator the left has not supported. Chairman Mao, Hugo Chavez, Idi Amin. These people seem to have nothing in common but one thing — they all hate America. Turns out progressive activists also have one thing in common — they resent their fathers. That’s where their politics come from. The rest is just window dressing.”

Carlson would follow this segment up by battling a so-called North Korea sympathizer in a predictably off-the-rails interview.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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