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Democratic Rep.: Nunes Has ‘Helped the White House Obstruct’

A Democratic congressman on MSNBC tonight charged that Devin Nunes is helping the White House engage in obstruction.

“I think that the chairman has helped the White House obstruct this case,” he directly told Ari Melber. “Now, whether that’s part of a legal entanglement, that’s a different story.”

Melber pressed him more specifically on what he means, and Quigley said, “There are members of Congress in their words and deeds––I don’t know if it’s a legal issue––but clearly they’re helping him obstruct the investigation.”

And just before that, he directly told Melber, “I think there are elements of what Mr. Nunes did in working in conjunction on the memo, for example, that bring them into the realm of obstruction of justice.”

Quigley recently sent a letter to Nunes after confronting him about whether there was any White House involvement in the memo.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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