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Fox & Friends Guest Suggests View Hosts Are ‘Demented and Deranged People’ For Mocking VP Pence’s Faith

Fox & Friends has been all over The View on Wednesday morning, calling out its hosts for their criticisms of Vice President Mike Pence’s, let’s say, intimate relationship with the man upstairs.

Ainsley Earhardt first reminded viewers of Omarosa Manigault’s comments on Celebrity Big Brother that Pence thinks that Jesus “tells him to say things,” before playing a clip of the ladies of the View mocking the VP for his religion.

Kathy Barnette, an apparent radiovangelist, appeared on Fox & Friends to issue a rebuke to the show, as well as heretical leftys.

She opened by claiming that “what we typically see from the left is that if they don’t understand something, they have a tendency to try to despise it or mock it because they don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

“They want to mock those who do,” she added, explaining to viewers that “America is a Christian nation.”

“I don’t know sometimes if we’re dealing with hypocrisy or if we’re dealing with really demented or deranged people,” Barnette continued, before invoking recent media criticism over coverage of North Korea’s showing at the Olympics.

“Because, on one hand, they swoon over Kim Jong Un’s little baby sister who is complicit with a murderous and tyrannical regime,  but on the other hand they want to mock someone of integrity.”

Earhardt lamented that Pence is mocked for his policy to not dine alone with women that aren’t his wife (who he calls “Mother”), asking “What’s wrong with a man who doesn’t want to cheat on his wife? I think that’s wonderful.”

“Apparently he’s deranged, apparently he has a mental disorder,” Barnette noted.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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