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Rep. Jim Himes: ‘Not A Damn Thing’ Has Been Done By Congress to Stop Gun Violence

Connecticut Congressman Jim Himes is worn out by the governmental stagnation on gun control.

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer during the developing school shooting scene in Parkland, Florida, Himes said that Congress’ response to the tragic events will be the same as they have in past school shootings, and that nothing will change.

“There’s… a sense of resignation here right now,” he said. “The pattern will be perfectly predictable. There will be a moment of silence, people will wish everybody thoughts and prayers and sympathy for the victims, and then the Congress of the United States will do absolutely nothing.”

“It’s the kind of thing that really hits you right in the gut, especially if, as I do, you come from a state that has experienced some truly horrendous violence,” Himes added.

“What, if anything – I keep asking this question – has been done to deal with these kinds of mass shootings, since [the shooting in Newtown, CT], by the U.S. Congress?” Blitzer asked the congressman.

“Not a damn thing,” Himes responded. “This institution is not gonna move… 20 dead babies in Connecticut was not enough to move the heart of this place.”

“This place is in the thrall of the NRA,” he added dejectedly.

Watch above, via CNN.

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