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Dem Senator Blumenthal: ‘Congress Bears Responsibility,’ is ‘Complicit’ in Florida School Shooting

As has seemingly become customary in the aftermath of school shootings, a parade of Connecticut Congressmen appeared on cable news begging for gun control.

Senator Richard Blumenthal was no exception. Speaking to Hardball‘s Chris Matthews, Blumenthal said that Congress’ inaction implicates the government in the latest school shooting in Parkland, FL.

“We are approaching, I hope, the tipping point when our nation will be affected and Congress will be mobilized,” Blumenthal said. “Ninety people every day perish from gun violence… the day-by-day deaths are preventable, and we have an obligation to prevent [them]… Congress bears responsibility.”

“I am a law enforcer, I believe in the constitution, but no right is absolute and common sense measures consistent with the Second Amendment are absolutely acceptable under our laws,” he continued. “I think these excuses for failing to move forward are really reprehensible. It makes Congress complicit in these deaths.”

“We need people of moral strength who will stand up to the gun lobby and say ‘enough is enough,’” he added.

Watch the full segment above, via MSNBC.

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