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Ali Velshi Calls Himself ‘Fat Middle Aged Old Man’ in Critique of Larry Kudlow’s Economic Policy

Come now, Mr. Velshi, you’re not so bad.

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi dropped some self-depreciating humor today as he explained what President Donald Trump‘s hiring of Larry Kudlow will mean for the nation’s economic policy. Trump chose the CNBC conservative economic pundit as a replacement for Gary Cohn, so Velshi talked about how this could mark a shift for topics like free trade and trickle-down economics.

Velshi critiqued Kudlow’s “fantastical idea” that tax cuts stimulate economic growth…and painted this very personal image:

“When you look at countries that do have that kind of economic growth, they’re younger, they’re newer in their economic cycle. While China and India are not young countries, they’re young in their new economic cycle. America is like me: a fat middle-aged old man. We’re simply not going to grow or shrink and the way that India can or China can or Mozambique can.”

…Hey, at least Velshi’s taking things in stride.

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