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Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg Spar Over Gun Violence Protests: ‘We’re Tired of the BS’

The View held an in-depth conversation on guns on Wednesday as they talked about the nationwide student marches in protest of gun violence, one month after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Meghan McCain expressed concern about rhetoric accusing pro-Second Amendment supporters of endorsing gun violence. McCain wished that there was a more nuanced conversation with more inclusion for pro-gun students after the massacre, but she also reminded her co-hosts that law-abiding gun owners are also horrified by school shootings.

Whoopi Goldberg noted that some of today’s protesters are demanding a conversation about guns, which led to a discussion about the rights of students to speak out on these issues. McCain noted how many anti-NRA protesters have gotten a bigger media profile over the last few weeks, and she took issue with how things have gone during events like CNN’s recent town hall.

“I thought it was really inappropriate and I want to have more conversations that are civil,” McCain said.

Things got more feisty, however, when the conversation moved towards the calls to ban high power weapons like the AR-15, which caused McCain and Goldberg to get frank with each other.

“Let’s be honest…” McCain said before Goldberg interjected: “they don’t want an AK-47 in their face. I don’t want one either. So if there’s a way, my point is…”

“I don’t want one in my face either,” McCain responded. “I don’t want it made illegal either.”

The conversation went on with Goldberg and McCain arguing about whether the march was more about demanding a conversation or attacking the NRA.

“They’re not marching against the NRA,” Goldberg said. “They’re just saying we’ve got an issue and nobody is dealing with it and we’re tired of the BS.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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