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Nicolle Wallace Slams Trump For Considering McCabe Ouster: ‘Is the President This Much of a Bleep-Hole?’

Nicolle Wallace had a moment of incredulity Wednesday when she asked the question that a lot of people are constantly asking themselves, even if they already know the answer.

When discussing the political pressure President Donald Trump may be putting on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to fire Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe just days shy of his resignation, Wallace said: “I don’t know how to ask this without swearing so I’m gonna ask you as best I can… Is the president this much of a bleep-hole?”

There are grounds to fire McCabe, who has long been a subject of the president’s scrutiny, before he retires on Sunday. The FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility about his choice to let FBI officials speak about their probe into the Clinton Foundation. Doing so, however, would jeopardize his pension, and McCabe has been with the FBI for 21 years.

“The president himself said he holds Sessions so responsible for this Russia probe, for recusing himself in the first place, and this is perhaps a way… whether he’s explicitly said it or not, [for Sessions] to get back into his good graces by following through here and firing McCabe,” MSNBC contributor Jonathan Lemire explained.

But Wallace questioned the timing of the report, hence the “bleep-hole” question.

Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes gave Wallace a clear answer: “Well, I think it’s been established [that Trump is a “bleep-hole”]. I don’t know [if] that’s breaking news.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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