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Rand Paul Bashes Trump CIA Pick Gina Haspel For History of ‘Gleeful’ Torture: ‘She Actually Enjoyed’ it

Gina Haspel — President Donald Trump‘s pick to lead the CIA — has drawn quite a bit of heat for her time overseeing a secret prison in Thailand at which torture was conducted.

The latest to speak out against Haspel is Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). The Bluegrass State’s junior senator stopped by Outnumbered Overtime Wednesday on Fox News — where he told host Harris Faulkner that he stands against Haspel’s appointment to the coveted post because of her history with torture.

“I oppose her because she believes that waterboarding should be something that we use,” Paul said. “And I think America shouldn’t be known for torture. And I have members of my family in the military. I don’t want, if they’re ever captured, for foreign countries to that think torture is okay.”

More bothersome to Paul, though, is his belief that Haspel not only sees torture as a necessary evil, but that she actually enjoys it. Paul referenced a book written by a psychologist at the prison who assisted in the implementation of the “enhanced interrogation” techniques. The senator was troubled by comments of Haspel reportedly relishing acts such as waterboarding.

“Some of her comments were basically gleeful,” Paul said. “The man can’t breathe and he’s choking on saliva and water and she’s saying ‘Oh, you are a good actor. Can’t believe a grown man’s crying because of this treatment.’ And it almost seemed to be a little bit of glee in her voice that she actually enjoyed the torture. And I think that’s not who we need to lead the CIA.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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