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United Airlines Accidentally Flies Kansas Family’s Dog to Japan

America’s most hated, dog-killing airline is back in the news this week. And while they may not be physically dragging a passenger against their will this time, they did accidentally drag a Kansas family’s pet halfway across the world.

On Tuesday, United Airlines announced they are investigating how employees mistakenly sent a 10-year-old Kansas-bound dog to Japan after the animal’s owners exited their flight from Oregon to Kansas City, Missouri to find that their Irgo was nowhere to be found.

Instead, they were met with a random Great Dane — not their German Shepherd.

While the dog is finally headed back to the American midwest, his exact arrival date is still up in the air.

The incident comes during the same week that United faces fierce backlash for the death of a different dog who passed away mid-flight after an attendant made the owner put their pet in the above head compartment.

Additionally, United previously generated negative headlines and even became a viral meme last year after a passenger was dragged off of an overbooked flight.

[image via screengrab]