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WATCH: Bernie Sanders Swarmed By Mob of Teens on Capitol Hill

Sen. Bernie Sanders was mobbed by a crowd of excited teens on Wednesday, as he attempted to make his way through Capitol Hill during the walk out staged by students nationwide to protest gun violence.

The gruff septuagenarian from Brooklyn was always an unlikely superstar for the youth, but after his breakout 2016 presidential run he has become something of a folk hero.

And it appears that the youth is still Feelin’ the Bern, two years later: as shown in footage caught by Splinter reporter Emma Roller, the Vermont senator walked through Capitol Hill on Wednesday and was swarmed by a raucous crowd of iPhone wielding teens.

“It’s fucking Bernie Sanders!” one youth yelled.

Though Sanders was bested by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary, he notched an impressive consolation prize: dominating the youth vote.

In fact, Bernie won more votes among those under the age of 30 than both Clinton and eventual President Donald Trump combined.

As the Washington Post reported, more than 2 million young people voted for Sanders in 2016, while the combined vote tallies of Clinton and Trump in the primaries totaled less than 1.6 million.

Sanders will ring in his eighth decade on earth in 2020, but that hasn’t stopped pundits from speculating about his plans to again run for president. And according to reports, it’s something Bernie himself has been seeking advice on. Given the reception he saw on the Hill Wednesday from future voters, maybe he should consider it.

[image via screengrab]

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