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Watch The Hosts of Fox News’ The Five Dismiss Waterboarding, Call Torture Victims ‘Wimps’ and ‘Crybabies’

Fox News’s The Five discussed President Donald Trump’s decision to promote Gina Haspel to CIA director despite her thorny past with torture, and things got heated over what constitutes real torture.

“I don’t think it’s very American to torture people and neither does John McCain who was tortured,” Juan Williams said.

“Waterboarding is not torture,” Jesse Watters replied. “We’ve waterboarded correspondents here.”

“I don’t think that’s rational or sane,” an incredulous Williams shot back.

“What is your alternative?” Greg Gutfeld asked.

“There are lots of alternatives,” Williams replied. “Talk to the intelligence community, they will tell you they get more out of people when they don’t torture them.”

“Some of these guys are real losers and real wimps,” Kimberly Guilfoyle chimed in. “They are crybabies. You put a caterpillar on their shoulder and they cry for their mom and no more jihad and they spill it. That to me is not torture.”

“Obviously this is not an easy topic,” Dana Perino said. “The things these agencies are asked to do is not easy. Do you think they want to do this? The notion that somehow Gitmo or these black tights fueled more anger against western civilization is preposterous.”

“After these enhanced interrogations were no longer used, the rise of ISIS sprung up right after,” Watters said.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Williams asked.

Watch more of the ridiculous exchange above, via Fox News.

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