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Beleaguered AG Jeff Sessions Defends Russia Probe Recusal in Time Cover Story: ‘I Did the Right Thing’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whose time leading the Justice Department has been plagued by a rocky relationship with President Donald Trump, graced the cover of Time in an exclusive interview for the magazine — during which he defended recusing himself from the Russia investigation.

While the recusal was met with fierce backlash from Trump, Sessions told the magazine: “I think I did the right thing. I don’t think the attorney general can ask everybody else in the department to follow the rules if the attorney general doesn’t follow them.”

The attorney general went on to say that his position involves informing the president of what his office is legally capable of doing, rather than just a job to defend and protect the administration — as Trump has repeatedly demanded of Sessions.

Despite Trump saying he would have chosen a different person to run the Justice Department if he knew that Sessions would recuse himself from the Russia probe, the still-surviving attorney general pledged his loyalty to “the law.”

“Congress passes a law, judges follow the law, and nobody’s above the law, including the judges, and including the president,” said Sessions.

Additionally, a Time cover is a particularly noteworthy place for the attorney general to appear on, as Trump was reportedly angered by Steve Bannon’s main feature in the magazine last year — an issue that was part of the beginning of the end for the ex-White House official.

However, Sessions has appeared to try to get back in Trump’s good graces in recent months by pushing Trump’s idea of capital punishment for dealers in drug-related deaths and going after an FBI agent for leaking information to the media.

[image via Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images]

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