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Megyn Kelly Confronts Lawyer Over Michael Cohen’s Violent Tweets: ‘I Received Death Threats’

Megyn Kelly treated lawyer David Schwartz to a brutal grilling on her NBC morning show Thursday, questioning Michael Cohen‘s attorney over his claims that his client definitely didn’t order someone to threaten Stormy Daniels.

Earlier in the interview, Kelly noted that Cohen has a track record for leveling threatening and vulgar remarks at people on behalf of his client, President Donald Trump. She brought up reporter Tim Mak, who was threatened by Cohen after he wrote a story on Ivana Trump once accusing her husband of rape.

Schwartz denied that Cohen ever threatened anyone, claiming Cohen “doesn’t do that,” and if he were to, “he does it to someone’s face.”

“Honestly, Michael Cohen does have a history of making vulgar and allegedly or arguably threatening comments,” Kelly said. “I myself have been on the receiving end of those, as you know.”

“You’ve also been on the receiving end where he’s mended fences, also,” Schwartz contended.

But Kelly was having none of it — arguing that while Trump reached out to repair their relationship, Cohen “never” did.

Kelly went on to explain that Cohen retweeted a number of threatening posts — after her infamous debate showdown with Trump in 2016 — including one that called to “gut her.”

“It’s not a love connection,” Schwartz explained.

“You make light of it now,” Kelly said. “But I’m telling you, in response to that allegation that I received death threats, I had security guards following me around and that my old boss called Michael Cohen directly to say ‘if Megyn Kelly gets killed, it’s not going to help your client Donald Trump get elected.’”

“And Michael Cohen didn’t care,” she added.

“He was trying to help you,” Schwartz replied.

“He was trying to help me!?” Kelly exclaimed. “He was trying to help me. By suggesting that I should be gutted.”

Watch above, via NBC.

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