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Megyn Kelly Grills Michael Cohen’s Lawyer on Trump Not Knowing About Payment: ‘No One Believes That’

We already noted one interesting moment today on NBC when David Schwartz insisted that Michael Cohen never ordered Stormy Daniels to be threatened. However, there was another fascinating portion of Schwartz’s coversation with Megyn Kelly, in which Kelly drilled the lawyer about his insistance Donald Trump knew nothing about the $130,000 his lawyer was paying to have the porn star keep quiet.

Schwartz insisted his client never sought reimbursement from Trump. Kelly was very skeptical.

“Come on,” Kelly said, “No one believes that.”

Schwartz continued to argue that Cohen had plenty of money and authority to act on his own, and it made “complete sense” that he didn’t tell his boss he was buying Daniels’ silence. Kelly called out Schwartz for dodging her questions (again), and she eventually cracked up and put her head in her hands after the lawyer said Cohen paid the $130,000 “out of love” for Trump.

Watch above, via NBC.

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