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Roseanne Barr’s Penchant For Calling People Nazis is Haunting Her Show’s Revival

Roseanne Barr couldn’t even manage to control her erratic Twitter behavior on the week of her hit show’s historic return to national television.

The lead actress on the revived ABC sitcom, Roseanne — which was watched by 18 million viewers this week — replied to a tweet on Wednesday night purporting a conspiracy theory about teenage activist and school shooting survivor David Hogg.

“NAZI SALUTE,” Barr tweeted, suggesting Hogg engaged in an offensive, pro-Hitler motion during his speech at the March For Our Lives on Saturday (he didn’t, he was raising a fist).

The tweet sparked backlash across the social media platform from Roseanne audiences and celebrities alike, including Chrissy Teigen, who screenshot the message and wrote, “Argh. Hit show on ABC. we have reached peak normalization.”

For what it’s worth, audiences and network executives could easily have seen this coming. Barr has a well-documented, years-long history of comparing both individuals and groups of people she disdains to Nazis.

The actress referred to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top adviser Huma Abedin as Nazis on Twitter throughout the 2016 presidential election, writing in a fury of tweets in August that year, “Huma is a Nazi & Hillary loves Nazis.”

“Jew hater Hillary Clinton’s handler Human Weiner is a filthy Nazi whore,” she added. “Hillary Clinton is surrounded by jew haters who make fun of the holocaust & Jewish suffering yet her mkultra supporters call Trump a bigot!”

She then began referring to Clinton as “Hitlery” and “anti-Semitic Hillary.”

At one point, Barr retweeted a meme comparing Islam to Nazism which claims part of the religion’s mission is “world domination” and “destruction of all Jews.”

She’s also posted flat-out bizarre messages that would likely send any public relations team backing her into a doozy. Barr has tweeted conspiracy theories, videos from Roger Stone and messages apparently hoping a California university “gets nuked!”

“Jewish mind control is the hardest to break out of,” Barr tweeted in 2012 — the same year she attempted to run for president.

She only made it onto three ballots.

That same year, Barr seemed to indicate she’d rather transgender people be separated from others when using the bathroom. “Transgender folks should have their own safe bathrooms-they should not be FORCED into bathrooms with young girls who hate them there,” she wrote.

And then there’s this insane photoshoot. Besides Twitter, the actress appeared in a bizarre 2009 spread dressed as a Nazi, complete with a Swastika armband and burnt, frowning gingerbread man cookies.

Last year, she called Lorde a “bigot” for canceling a concert in Israel, calling on fans to boycott the 21-year-old singer.

Barr’s show Roseanne returned to television this week in a massively successful comeback. The actress plays a Trump supporter in a decidedly political show which reflects the current divisive moment among American families. She said she received a phone call from the president Thursday night congratulating her on the big ratings for her comeback.

ABC declined to comment for this story, but confirmed to Mediaite the network hasn’t asked Barr to delete any of her tweets.

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