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Why my new Christian movie is rated for adults only

One of the hottest new documentary films on Amazon is called “70 YEARS: Israel’s Prophetic Past, Present and Future,” which I produced, co-wrote and for which I serve as a narrator.

It is 100 percent Christian content, with no offensive language or offensive content. It’s about God.

So, if you’re like me, you might be wondering why Amazon has forced WND Films to place a restrictive age rating on the movie suggesting it’s for audiences 18 and over.

I wish I had an answer for you.

All I can tell you is it makes no sense. However, after three tries at getting Amazon to approve it for digital downloads for rent or purchase, we finally acquiesced and acceded to the monolithic retail giant – not wanting to lose any more time.

Obviously, the movie is about Israel’s 70th anniversary coming up next month, according to Israel’s Hebrew calendar and in May on the Gregorian calendar. (On May 15, the U.S, is planning to open its new Embassy in Jerusalem.)

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Is it a religious bias? Why would such a movie get the equivalent of an R rating or NC-17 rating from Amazon? It doesn’t make any sense. But, if you’ve had to deal with Amazon, you will understand it is a world unto itself. They make the rules. Good luck questioning them.

Here’s what Amazon told us repeatedly about our film: “During a quality assurance review, we found that the selected rating for the following titles is inaccurate. If your title has not received an official rating from a ratings organization, please select ‘not rated’ in the ratings system drop-down and choose a suggested rating that accurately reflects your title’s viewing audience. When determining audience suitability, please consider factors such as sex, violence, profanity, substance abuse, or other mature themes. After making the necessary corrections, please resubmit your content for publishing by clicking ‘Save’ and ‘Publish’ in your portal. Upon re-submission, we will review the content and provide a status update in your Amazon Video Direct portal. Also, please ensure all titles adhere to our Content Policy Guidelines. Thanks for using Amazon Video Direct.”

70YearsI didn’t want to deter anyone from seeing this movie.

As far as we can tell, it’s the only documentary about this momentous, historic and biblical occasion.

Don’t worry!

It’s appropriate for all audiences. We encourage you to share it with the whole family. It’s appropriate for church settings, Bible study groups, homeschool gatherings, you name it.

I’m as excited about this film as I have been since we produced “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” the No. 1 faith film of 2012 and 2013, the documentary version of Jonathan Cahn’s New York Times bestseller “The Harbinger.”

But Amazon, for whatever reason, wants to restrict the audience to over 18 years of age, even though it’s a hopeful message, with no violence, no sex, no nudity, just Bible, history and God.

I want to encourage everyone to see it – whether it’s on DVD or digital download. And Amazon is where more people do so than virtually all other outlets combined.

Of course, we do have an alternative point of purchase or rental – the WND Superstore. It’s up to you. But I want to encourage you to see this movie before the big anniversary, which I believe is of profound spiritual importance. But, I love the idea that you actually have two anniversaries coming up to commemorate – one in April and another in May.

Wherever or whenever you have a chance to watch, I know you will love it. You’ll want to share it with others – believers and unbelievers alike – because Israel is very important in God’s economy.

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