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CNN Panelist Stephen Moore Says Elizabeth Warren Is a ‘Cold Fish’

Stephen Moore, former economic adviser to President Donald Trump‘s campaign, called Elizabeth Warren an unlikable “cold fish.”

Speaking in a CNN panel with Anderson Cooper, Moore said the Massachusetts senator is the Democrat he’d most want to run against.

“Give me Elizabeth Warren,” he said. “If I could pick any Democrat in the United States I would want to run against as a Republican, it would be Elizabeth Warren. She’s not a likable person.”

He added that a celebrity from outside of the political realm would be more ideal, and could be a contender in a hypothetical match-up with the president.

“I do think the idea of an outsider like an Oprah Winfrey could really give Trump a run for his money. Someone with celebrity status, someone who’s very well-liked by people, someone who’s successful.”

Asked by Quinn, former speaker of the New York City Council, why he believes Warren is unlikable, Moore said, “She’s cold. She’s a cold fish.”

Again challenged by Quinn on how he knows this, Moore replied, “I’ve seen her. Not a lot, but I’ve met her.”

However, Moore didn’t seem bothered by Trump’s demeanor.

“He’s a pretty good politician, you gotta admit,” he said.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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