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Michael Avenatti on Michael Cohen’s Lawyer: My Case Improves ‘Every Time He Speaks on Television’

In the tale of two Michaels and many lawyers, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti told CNN‘s Erin Burnett Thursday that he almost cancelled his visit on her show since he’d rather see David Schwartz, the lawyer for President Donald Trump‘s lawyer, Michael Cohen, speak with Burnett instead.

Avenatti said that’s because “every time he speaks on television, my case gets that much better.”

“So, I was hoping he’d come on the show because what happened last night was disastrous for Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump,” he continued. “Those admissions are very, very damaging, because if what he says is true, and I have some serious questions as to whether it is true…if he did not know, then the NDA is invalid and our case is a home run. And so I don’t know what these guys are thinking. It’s like they’re not communicating, they’re not paying attention.”

Avenatti was referring to Schwartz’s recent appearance on the network when he said Cohen didn’t inform Trump about the non-disclosure agreement signed by Daniels, who says she was paid $130,000 in hush money for signing the document.

“The president was not aware of the agreement,” Schwartz said during his appearance. “At least Michael Cohen never told him about the agreement. I can tell you that.”

Avenatti told Burnett he could only hopes Schwartz wasn’t tasked with safeguarding more sensitive information.

“I hope that David Schwartz isn’t entrusted with the nuclear launch codes because if so, we’re in a lot of trouble,” he remarked.

Watch the above clip, via CNN.

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