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Stephen Colbert Piles On CNN For Mistakenly Calling The Late Show ‘SNL‘: ‘Fake News!’

Stephen Colbert took aim at an unusual target Thursday night… CNN.

The Late Show host began by mocking President Trump‘s praise for Roseanne Barr and her show’s massive ratings during a speech on infrastructure.

Colbert explained that some think her show was “refreshing” because Roseanne Barr’s character is a Trump supporter. And after expressing a bit of jealousy of Roseanne‘s 18 million viewers, he made an effort to expand his own audience.

“I agree with Donald Trump about something… CNN lies,” Colbert said.

He elaborated that during last night’s show, Dana Carvey debuted his impersonation of incoming National Security Advisor John Bolton. But when CNN wrote a report about it for its website the following morning, it had the headline, “Look Who’s Playing John Bolton on ‘SNL.’”

“Fake news!” Colbert exclaimed. “I take everything back! I apologize! Donald Trump is a great president! C’mon, CNN, this isn’t SNL.. unless you think SNL stands for ‘Stephen’s Nightly Laughs.’”

Colbert then explained to CNN how they could differentiate The Late Show with SNL.

“It was a Wednesday, we tape during the daytime, and we’re not live! You got three things wrong… in three letters!” Colbert continued. “Still, it’s nice just to be recognized, so uh… thank you, MSNBC.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.