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Bannon Reportedly Trying to Get Back in Trump’s Good Graces By Pitching Plan to Kill Mueller Probe

Is Steve Bannon trying to get back on President Donald Trump‘s good side?

According to the Washington Post, the former White House chief strategist — who had a messy falling out with Trump as a result of comments he made in Fire and Fury — is pitching a plan to West Wing aides to try to end special counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe.

Step one? Fire Rod Rosenstein. Step two? Stop cooperating with Mueller. Step three? Invoking executive privilege so that previous White House staffer interviews with Mueller become null and void.

“The president wasn’t fully briefed by his lawyers on the implications [of not invoking executive privilege],” Bannon told the Post. “It was a strategic mistake to turn over everything without due process, and executive privilege should be exerted immediately and retroactively.”

The Post reports, however, that Trump seems unlikely to take advice from Steve Bannon on this or anything else.

“If you say his name in front of the president, it’s not a pretty sight,” an unnamed person identified as a senior administration official told the Post. “The president really goes off about him.”

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