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Colbert Bids Farewell to Paul Ryan: Republicans Are With You… ‘I Mean Leaving Office in November’

Stephen Colbert roasted Speaker Paul Ryan after he announced Wednesday morning that he was not seeking reelection.

“He said today he wants to spend more time with his wife and kids, which of course is what he calls his biceps,” Colbert quipped.

The Late Show host poked fun at Ryan’s numerous reminders during his press conference that he never actually wanted to be Speaker of the House.

“No, we believe you,” Colbert reacted. “We didn’t want you to have that job either!”

Colbert acknowledged the speculation that Ryan is calling it quits before the “blue wave” that may take place during the 2018 midterms, but reports also suggest that he was ready to leave the job because it was becoming “endlessly frustrating” due to President Trump.

“What?! Working with President Trump is frustrating?” Colbert asked. “That’s not what the last 30 people who quit said!”

He then read Trump’s tweet praising Paul Ryan as a “truly good man” and that he and many others are “with” him.

“Yes, Republicans are with you, Paul,” Colbert continued. “And by ‘with you,’ I mean leaving office in November.”

Before moving on to the rest of his monologue, Colbert bid farewell to the Wisconsin representative by acknowledging his catch phrase, “No, I haven’t heard what the president said, but if true, that is troubling.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.