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John Kelly Reportedly Called Trump ‘Dishonorable’ For Firing James Comey

James Comey‘s upcoming memoir, set for release next week, reveals that minutes after he found out he was being fired as FBI director, he got a call from an “emotional” John Kelly.

That’s according to the Daily Beast, reporting on Comey’s account of the call from Kelly, the current White House chief of staff who at the time was serving as Department of Homeland Security chief.

It was May 2017, and Comey was in Los Angeles speaking with FBI agents when he found out from TV news reports that Trump had fired him as director of the bureau.

Per the Daily Beast:

Kelly, Comey recalls, said he was “sick” about the situation and “intended to quit” in protest. Kelly “said he didn’t want to work for dishonorable people,” referring specifically to President Donald Trump, who appeared to be upset at the FBI’s persistent investigation into his campaign’s possible collusion with Russian officials.

According to sources, Comey writes in his book that he encouraged Kelly to remain in his post, saying “this president,” more than his predecessors, needed people of principle and integrity around him.

Kelly would eventually end up leaving the post — but only to serve closer to the president, as his chief of staff. According to recent reports, Kelly has been stripped of much of his authority as he clashes with an increasingly unwieldy Trump. These latest revelations are sure to test that already strained relationship.

Comey is set to embark on a whirlwind media blitz for his book next week, kicking off Sunday night for an ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos that’s already shaping up to be a bombshell.

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