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Conservative Writer Defends Controversial Piece Calling For U.S. to ‘Divorce’: ‘We Don’t Have Any Common Values’

Conservative writer Jesse Kelly defended his calls for a territorial division of the U.S. Thursday, claiming much of the nation has nothing in common.

Kelly initially presented the idea Tuesday in The Federalist, an online magazine, where he advocated for the mass secession of mid-western and southern states from the rest of the country, even including a map with a hand-drawn dividing line.

He again made his case on HLN’s S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, where he sparred with CNN commentator Sally Kohn.

“We don’t have any common values anymore,” Kelly argued. “We don’t share first principles anymore, and that’s not to be mean about it. And look, I’m not under the impression that this is going to happen. I mean, those corrupt degenerates in Washington haven’t negotiated a good deal since the Louisiana Purchase.”

Kelly said that while he could hold a discussion with Kohn, “all her ways” of doing things “would be wrong.”

“So I’m not under the impression they’re going to be able to make this happen,” he said, referring to a territorial split, “but if Sally and I got together and we discussed every single issue, it would be cordial, and it would be friendly, but we would go down every single point and I would feel one way, and she’d feel another way, and I mean, all her ways would be wrong, but we would just never come to an agreement ever.”

However, Kohn felt differently.

“I’m sure we could find plenty to disagree about, but I actually think there’s quite a lot we could agree on,” she said, adding that they held common values of “unity, but also free speech, free assembly, freedom of religion” and “the idea that we should all be able to live up to our God-given full potential.”

But Kelly seemed to reject her optimistic notion, arguing that “freedom means different things to different people.”

“I think we’re lying to ourselves when we think we’re almost back together or can come together. Even national tragedies don’t bring us together,” he said. “9/11 did, but even now we have 17 kids get killed in Florida and before the Broward County Sheriff’s Department can stop crying or come out of hiding, the left’s already coming for guns instead of talking about the kids and mourning.”

Watch the clip above via HLN.

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