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Don Lemon Erupts at Ex-Trump Spox Jason Miller: It’s ‘A Privilege to Come on Here,’ Not ‘A Right!’

Don Lemon absolutely lost his patience Thursday night with former Donald Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller — and it made for a moment of truly gripping television.

It happened at the close of a discussion on special counsel Robert Mueller. Miller wanted to respond to a point made by Never-Trump conservative Amanda Carpenter. Lemon cut him off.

“Jason, I can’t! Please!” Lemon said. “Be respectful. When you come on and give disinformation, and other Trump supporters and give disinformation, I spend most of my time trying to debunk falsities and lies instead of educating the American people. It’s frustrating every single night.”

“Don, what did I say that was a lie?” Miller replied.

“You’re talking about ‘no collusion’ every single night,” Lemon shot back. “You don’t even know the original focus of the Russia investigation.”

Lemon threw to break with a complete putdown of the former Trump spokesman.

“You’re feeding talking points that aren’t true to the American people,” Lemon said. “If you’re going to be on this platform, respect the American people. It is a privilege to come here. Don’t come on CNN and lie or deflect about what’s going on. Come here and be honest with the American people. It is a privilege to come on here! It is not a right!”

Watch above, via CNN.

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