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Kellyanne Conway Slams Comey For Comments About Trump Pee Tape: ‘None of His Business’

Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox & Friends for a clean up job amidst James Comey’s bombshell remarks surrounding President Donald Trump’s alleged “golden showers” encounter with Russian prostitutes.

In the latest snippet from Comey’s upcoming interview with George Stephanopoulos to trickle out, he said he could not be sure whether the unproven allegations he spoke about with Trump were true.

Fox & Friends played White House counselor Conway snippets from the interview, and she dismissed the fired FBI director is a “self aggrandizing,” “disgruntled ex-employee” making hay out of the few meetings he had with Trump “to sell books.”

Conway went on to actually praise Stephanopoulos for asking “the right questions” of Comey, when he pressed him on why he didn’t alert Trump that the Steele dossier — the one which alleges Russia has compromising videos of Trump engaged in pee-play with Russian prostitutes — was funded by his political opponents.

Fox & Friends next played a clip of Comey asking “what kind of marriage” the president has with wife Melania, given the impression he got from Trump that she might believe the salacious allegations.

“He’s a psychoanalyst, he’s giving advice on people look, he’s a marriage counselor,” Conway said sarcastically. “I find that particular excerpt to be really egregious and over the top and unacceptable.”

“Frankly put, that’s none of his business,” she added.

Later in the interview, Conway said the president might respond to Comey at some point — and Steve Doocy quipped, “Standby for tweets.”

Lo and behold, some 30 minutes later, the tweets came in hot and steaming:

Translation: “No, you’re the leaker.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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