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NY Daily News Cover Goes There After Comey Claims Trump Was Obsessed With Pee Tape: ‘PEE BRAIN!’

After reports emerged of President Donald Trump‘s fixation on proving there was no lewd tape of prostitutes urinating in a Moscow hotel, The New York Daily News made it tomorrow’s cover, with the headline ‘PEE BRAIN!’ slapped across the front page.

The not-so-subtle cover is no surprise for the Daily News, but the allegations in former FBI Director James Comey‘s book are. A High Loyalty will be released on April 17, and details the president’s supposed obsession with claims he asked the prostitutes to urinate on the same Ritz-Carlton bed where President Barack Obama slept.

“There’s no way I would let people pee on each other around me,” Comey recalled Trump stating, according to his new book. “No way.”

Comey wrote in the book that Trump repeatedly tried to convince him there was no tape, arguing that there couldn’t be one because he is a germaphobe.

The Daily News cover shows a shocked looking Trump alongside cartoon urine splatters and the words “obsessed with alleged wee-wee vid.”

Comey seems to have already hinted at the contents of the book online, tweeting last March that the truth would be revealed soon.

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