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Alan Dershowitz: Trump Faces ‘Much More Jeopardy’ Over Business Dealings Than Russia Probe

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said on CNN Saturday morning that President Donald Trump’s legal team should shift its focus towards potential jeopardy surrounding his business activities before he became president.

Dershowitz first told CNN’s John Berman that it was a “terrible mistake” for Michael Cohen to not show up to court and instead spend Friday smoking cigars outside his hotel.

Berman pointed out that Dershowitz is known for his cable news appearances defending Trump against the Mueller probe, before asking if the investigation into Cohen is “where there is jeopardy for the president.”

“I think that’s very much the case,” Dershowitz said. “I’ve said for months, that he has much more jeopardy concerning his pre-presidential business and personal activities.”

Dershowitz added that he’s defending the civil liberties of “a man I didn’t vote for” because the ACLU is “asleep on the job.”

“The specific problem is his pre-presidential activities which are not within the scope of the special counsel.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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