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Ann Coulter on Cohen Office Raid: ‘I Think Mueller Was Trying to Get Himself Fired’

Last night Ann Coulter spoke with FBN’s Lou Dobbs about the anti-Trump “corruption” going on in the government.

The two of them talked about the IG report on Andrew McCabe lacking “candor” on several occasions and about the lack of honesty among DOJ officials. Coulter said Trump was clearly “right about the swamp.”

She brought up the raid on Michael Cohen‘s office this week and said, “I think Mueller was trying to get himself fired by that raid on Michael Cohen’s office. It really is outrageous.”

Coulter argued it proves there’s no collusion because “now the special prosecutor is going after Stormy Daniels,” while Dobbs called Mueller “the most ignorant special counsel” ever.

“I don’t know if he’s ignorant,” Coulter said, “but he is definitely something worse and more frightening than that is, and that is he’s going for his reputation. He can’t go over to MSNBC and say, ‘Sorry, there was no Russian collusion.’ He can’t. He loves the accolades and clearly James Comey does. They are going for approval.”

Watch above, via Fox Business Network.

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