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Maddow on Trump Syria Announcement: Hard to Avoid Perception It’s ‘In Part Because of Scandal’

Right after President Trump delivered his major speech announcing strikes on Syria, Rachel Maddow reacted by talking about the President taking this action in the context of all the big domestic news concerning him.

Recent news items range from report after report on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to the Trump doorman speaking out on rumors of a love child, and Maddow tonight said it’s hard to ignore all this.

“There are national security consequences,” she said, “to having a presidency that is as chaotic as Mr. Trump’s presidency––a presidency that is as consumed by scandal and criminal intrigue as his presidency is. It has national security consequences.”

And yes, she raised the “wag the dog” question:

“If the President of the United States is believed to have issued the order to launch this strike tonight, even in part because people think he wanted to distract from a catastrophic domestic scandal that is blowing up at home at the same time, the perception that the President may have ordered these strikes in part because of scandal will effect the impact and the effectiveness of these military strikes. Unavoidably. Even if the tail is not wagging the dog. Even if you give the President every benefit of the doubt.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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