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WATCH: Chilling Bodycam Footage of Officers Talking to YouTube Shooter Before Her Attack

Police have released bodycam footage of Nasim Aghdam from just hours ahead of her rampage at YouTube’s corporate offices earlier this month.

Before Aghdam wounded three YouTube employees and took her own life, she was approached by officers early in the morning while she slept in her car. This was two days after she turned off her phone and her family reported that she had gone missing.

The video from the Mountain View Police Department shows an officer finding Aghdam in a parking lot, where he checked her license plate and matched her car with the missing person report saying she was “at risk.” The officer woke her up and asked her several questions while checking her ID.

After giving an excuse for why she left her family, Aghdam was asked if she was taking any kinds of medication or if she intended to hurt herself or others. The shooter answered no to the officer’s questions, and while she wasn’t detained, she was told that her family would be notified of her current location.

Mountain View Police Chief Max Bosel told news sources that their interactions with Aghdam went according to protocol and the exchange didn’t raise suspicion at the time.

“They checked on the welfare of a person who, at the time, was reported missing but whose actions, demeanor and answers did not present any information which would cause us to believe she would be a threat to herself or others,” Bosel said. “The tragedy of the incident at YouTube weighs heavily on our hearts but we support and stand by the actions taken by our officers in their contact with Ms. Aghdam.”

Aghdam attacked YouTube HQ after accusing the website of censoring her videos about veganism and animal abuse. She used a legally owned handgun during the attack and police have said that she went to a gun range shortly beforehand.

Watch above, via USA Today.

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