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Franklin Graham Praises Trump’s Faith After Syria Strike: He ‘Understands the Power of Prayer’

Franklin Graham, the right-wing, Christian evangelist who claims Muslims follow a “very evil and wicked religion,” praised Donald Trump for his faith in response to the president lobbing $224 million worth of Tomahawk Missiles into Syria — a majority Muslim country.

Graham made the comments while appearing on the president’s favorite show Fox & Friends, as he explained how happy he is to know that we have someone in the White House who “understands the power of prayer.”

While Trump has admitted to never repenting for his sins — an integral part of Graham’s religion — and has said his favorite book of the Bible is the nonexistent “Two Corinthians,” the iconic pastor still showered praise on him:

“I appreciate that we have a president who understands prayer and solicities prayer. Our country is in trouble, the world is in trouble, and the perplexity of the problems that the president faces every day — at home and abroad — is just incredible. We should be praying for him, and he asks us to pray for our soliders, and for those that are in harms way. The Syrian people — that there would be resolution. But at the same time, we pray for the president. And the Bible tells us to pray for authority, not that those in authority are perfect people — they’re not. They’re imperfect, and that’s why God wants us to pray. To pray for the president and all those that are in leadership.”

Graham went on to say that he “just appreciate that we have a man in office that understands the power of prayer and the need for prayer.”

Going all the way back to 2012, the evangelist supported Trump’s political aspirations. During the 2016 election, Graham was one of the then-candidate’s most outspoken supporters — even saying that his election win was a divine event, as “God showed up” on November 8th, 2016.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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