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Philipe Reines Mocks Seb Gorka For Getting Fired From Trump Admin, Says He’s ‘Wrong’ on Syria

Philippe Reines mocked Sebastian Gorka on Fox News Saturday night, just moments after the ex-Trump aide appeared on the same show.

Gorka appeared first, preaching to Fox News host Jesse Watters about the wonders of President Donald Trump’s “perfect” airstrike in Syria in response to Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons.

Reines, a former senior adviser to Hillary Clinton, was up next and began by sparring with Watters over Trump’s previous claims that he wanted to pull the United States out of the Syrian conflict. Reines did note that “militarily, this [strike] was incredibly effective.”

“But your previous guest was wrong,” Reines said. “This was not a perfect strike. Perfect strike means that one year from now, you and I won’t be talking about this strike and why it didn’t end things.”

“How dare you insult Dr. Sebastian Gorka,” Watters joked.

“Mr.,” Reines corrected Watters. (Editor’s note: while Gorka apparently makes Fox News refer to him as “Dr.” it is not clear what his qualifications are, aside from a dubious PhD paper he wrote for a Hungarian university.)

“He’s never been wrong Dr. Gorka,” Watters continued to joke. “Infallible.”

“Right up until the time he was fired,” Reines quipped.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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