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Trump Defends ‘Mission Accomplished’ Tweet As ‘Great Military Term’: ‘Use Often!’

President Donald Trump was extremely online Sunday morning. And besides railing against former FBI Director James Comey hours ahead of ABC airing a highly anticipated interview that is sure to drive the news cycle, the president also touched on his much-derided tweet in which he utilized a highly loaded term.

A day after the United States, along with the UK and France, launched a missile strike against Syria in response to President Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons, Trump sent a tweet claiming “Mission Accomplished!” Of course, many recalled President George W. Bush’s ill-advised 2003 declaration months into the Iraq War.

This morning, the president defended his use of the phrase, stating that it is a “great Military term” while claiming it was the only thing the “Fake News Media” could demean when it came to the “perfectly carried out” Syrian strike.

Trump also said the term should be utilized more, exclaiming “Use often!”

Meanwhile, it Trump’s favorite show covered the criticism of his “Mission Accomplished” tweet shortly before he took to Twitter to defend it. So it appears we have another instance of the Fox-Trump feedback loop.

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